How To Manifest Someone To Text You In 3 Steps

how to manifest someone to text you

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly waiting for someone to text you back? You’re not alone. A lot of us have been there. Constantly checking our phones, refreshing our inboxes, and will even go as far as to refresh our social media notifications just in case we’ve missed something.

I know it’s exhausting. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably tired of waiting around for someone to text you. It’s annoying, and it can make you feel really powerless. But what if I told you that you could actually manifest someone to text you?

That’s right – by using the power of the law of attraction manifestation, you can get the Universe to work in your favor and get someone to text you within days or even hours – and it’s surprisingly simple. 

Just follow these steps, and you’ll soon have the person you want texting you in no time. So if you’re ready to learn how to manifest someone to text you, read on!

Does Manifesting A Text From Someone Always Work?


The idea of manifesting a text from someone is undoubtedly an intriguing one. After all, who wouldn’t like to have a little bit more control over their destiny? Though manifesting a text from someone certainly has its share of skeptics, many people reported that they had used this method to manifest someone to text them.

However, the truth is that there is no definitive answer as to whether or not manifesting a text from someone will work. It really comes down to the individual and their belief in the power of manifesting.

Those who believe manifesting can bring about positive change in their lives may find success with this technique, while those who have doubts may experience no results at all.

Manifestation is the practice of the Law of attraction – it’s all about energy, and your thoughts and feelings play a role in how your life unfolds. 

In other words, how you think and feel can create or attract the results you want in your life. So when it comes to manifesting a text from someone, the same principles apply.

In order to increase your chance of a successful manifestation, here are 3 important steps you should follow to get someone to text you!

How To Manifest Someone To Text You (3 Steps To Manifest A Text Message)

Through harnessing the powers of your thoughts and beliefs, manifesting someone to text you is entirely achievable — as long as you have the right plan in place!

I’ll walk you through three proven steps to help you effectively use manifestation and bring your desired results to fruition. 

Apply visualization techniques and focus on positive emotions and affirmations; anyone can bring their dream lives to reality, including manifesting someone who will reach out via text message.

So if getting a special someone to reach out to seems farfetched yet exciting, settle in; here’s how to make it come true.

Step 1 – Before manifestation: get the preparation work done

Before you start manifesting, here is some preparation work you should do daily to supercharge your manifestation process.

1). Raise your vibration

positive vibes - no low vibe energy

Raising your vibration is the first step in manifesting someone to text you. This is because the higher your vibrations, the more likely you will be able to draw positive things into your life.

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, it sends an energetic signal into the Universe, which attracts back that same energy. So, if you raise your vibration and send out a positive, loving energy, the Universe will respond with a similar frequency.

And this is important when manifesting someone to text you because it increases the chances of attracting someone who is in alignment with that same frequency. 

You can more likely draw in someone who matches the energy vibrations you’ve put into the Universe by radiating that higher vibration.

Remember that high vibe energy can have a powerful effect on all aspects of your life, not just manifesting someone to text you. Working on raising your vibration every day will help open the doors for more positive things and experiences to come into your life. So stay focused and enjoy the process!

2). Get rid of limiting beliefs

Yes! This is essential if you want to manifest any desires in your life.

Limiting beliefs can be insidious, silently holding us back from manifesting the things we desire. Whether it’s someone texting you or something else you want to happen in your life, having a positive attitude and outlook is essential for making those dreams a reality.

You can overcome your limiting beliefs by understanding how and where you got those limiting beliefs from. Then you should recognize, observe them and ask empowering questions to find out if those beliefs are true.

Often, we build our beliefs from our parents, authority figures, and past experiences – sadly, some of those beliefs about ourselves are not even true! They are negative and self-limiting. Hence, it is imperative to replace them with positive beliefs.

Examples of limiting beliefs:

  • I am not good enough; he doesn’t want to talk to me.
  • I am not good at building a fulfilling relationship.
  • I always sabotage a good relationship.
  • I don’t know how to talk to people. 
  • I am not lovable.

Say NO to those negative beliefs. According to a Harvard psychologist, practicing self-appreciation can change those deeply rooted, common limiting beliefs.

Gratitude and positive affirmations are excellent ways to practice self-appreciation and boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Tackle your limiting beliefs by re-program your subconscious mind with positive statements (must be in present tense) and emotions.

Don’t allow yourself to beat yourself up. Instead, appreciate yourself more, affirm and have faith in a positive outcome; you open up the possibility of what could be and set yourself free. And this type of mindset shift can be immensely powerful — it can help you attract the people and experiences that bring joy into your life.

So don’t let limiting beliefs keep you from manifesting the person you want to hear from; with a little bit of intention and focus, it is possible to make your wishes come true.

Remember that if you can even love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you?

3). Practice relaxation

I wish to realize the importance of being relaxed to attract things earlier – and this is the only few would talk about it.

Based on my own manifestation experience, this is one of the most key elements that will help us manifest our desire more effectively.

Practicing relaxation helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with waiting for a text or response from someone. It can significantly improve our mental well-being by decreasing the feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment that arise when one does not get the desired response.

Being relaxed helps manifestation because it allows us to be open and receptive to the ideas, opportunities, and guidance available to us in the Universe. 

It helps the Law of attraction to bring our desires to reality.

When we are relaxed, our minds become more quiet and clear. We can then connect with our inner wisdom and trust in our intuition. This kind of mindset creates an openness that enables us to align better with the creative energy around us.

We can then more easily manifest our desires as we are more open to listening and receiving information that can help us along our path. And you can relax by having a guided relaxation meditation. Have a few deep breaths, then follow the guided meditation to relax your entire body.

Step 2 – Manifest someone to text

manifest someone to text you

After you have done all the preparation work mentioned above, you will be at a great place to manifest someone to text you! To begin the entire process, follow the below guide.

1). Keep your high vibe energy and be relaxed

Don’t start to manifest while you have low vibration or negative thoughts. It’s imperative to shift your energy to the higher gear; feeling amazing is a good start to manifest.

2). Be specific

Be specific about what you want, and send a clear message to the Universe. And this is law of attraction daily routine you should establish. If you are uncertain about what you want, you might send a mixed feeling message to the Universe, which will affect your desired outcome.

To gain clarity, you can use a manifestation journal and pen down the name of the specific person and what kind of text message you want to manifest without any negative energy.

Try to be as specific as possible.

3). Visualize

happy couple

Visualization is a powerful manifestation technique that can help manifest your desired outcome of someone texting you. All you have to do is close your eyes, take deep breaths, and create a vivid mental picture of the person texting you and how you would feel when receiving the text message.

Try to imagine as much detail as possible, from the look on their face when they send the message to how eagerly you would open it.

And make sure to fully immerse yourself in the vision—focus on it, let your excitements and thoughts flow freely, and honestly believe that you have already received the text messages.

When you visualize receiving, try to have a clear mental image – imagine hearing your phone ring or vibrate, seeing the notification of your messaging app pop up on your mobile phone screen. You see the text message from the specific person you are manifesting.

4). Recite affirmations

It’s also not a bad idea to include positive affirmations – another effective manifestation technique. Affirmations are statements of intent that help to reinforce the visualization process.

Examples of affirmations related to manifesting someone to text you might include, “I’m excited and grateful for the message I received from _____ (the name of the person),” or, “I am grateful that_______(name of the person you want to receive the text message) replies me so quickly.

5). Express gratitude

Finally, focus on gratitude. After visualizing what it would be like when someone texts you, take a few moments to express gratitude for the message. Feel grateful and be thankful that you are receiving a text message.

The more gratitude you send to the Universe, the more good you will get to be grateful about. You’ll never be in the same place. Hence, it is a powerful manifestation method you should use often.

6). Feel The Text For 17 Seconds

This is a great tool to enhance your manifestation power. According to Esther Hicks, the 17 seconds of pure thoughts is the manifestation ignition point. Your manifestation takes off at 17 seconds.

So when you hold the feeling after seeing the exact text from the specific person for 17 seconds, it turbocharges the manifestation process. I try to hold the feeling for all my manifestations, and I love the results I get. You should give it a try too.

Step 3 – Trust the process and let it go

let it go

The final step is to trust the process and let it go. And this is extremely important if you want to manifest someone to text you. When we hold onto a specific outcome or timeline, we often create too much pressure on ourselves. This can actually prevent our intentions from coming to fruition.

So it’s essential to release any worry or expectation associated with your manifestation, allowing the Universe to work its magic.

When we trust the process, we open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities that are available to us. We acknowledge that something even better than our expectations could manifest itself. This is what truly leads us closer and closer to our desired outcome.

However, it doesn’t mean that we sit back and do nothing. It means to remain focused on our intentions, take inspired actions, but also relinquish control of the outcome or timeline. If you have the urge to learn how to text a person, do it. It might be a sign that your manifestation is coming, and the Universe is hinting to you to prepare so you can grab the opportunity.

Believe that what you have asked for will come to reality in its own time frame and let go of any attachment to the ‘when and how’.

The best way to ensure our intentions manifest is to stay focused, remain positive, keep a high energy level, avoid negative thoughts and trust your manifestation is on the way.

Remember that anything worth having takes time. So you should trust the process and let it go – you will be surprised by the amazing results!


How to manifest someone to text you? (In 3 Simple Steps)

So if you want to know how to manifest someone to text you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Work on yourself first, rewire your subconscious mind.
  • Be clear about what you want.
  • Visualize & be grateful.
  • Let go of your expectations.
  • Focus on the present moment.

The Universe will take care of the rest. Remember that while manifestation takes time and patience, it is a fantastic tool that can help you attract loving messages from a specific person you desire into your life.

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, please leave a comment below and visit our other articles for more tips and advice on manifestation.

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