Things Nobody Tells You About The Law Of Attraction!

‘What you think, you become.’

‘Watch your thoughts…; they become your destiny.’

‘Dream it, and do it.’

My sole intent to begin this blog with the most-circulated Law of Attraction Affirmations is to get your mind thinking. You hear quotes like these every day on Youtube shorts. Or scroll through a few Insta-posts. While few get motivation for a moment or two, others consider it a mere ramble on ‘positivity.’ I mean, the idea that your thoughts alter your life sounds ridiculous. Isn’t it amusing that people think words have power? 

Well, people aren’t thinking wrong. Seemingly absurd ideas partly make sense. Daily affirmations can change your life for good if only you know how to harness the power of positive affirmations in everyday life. But when did words become a storehouse of our success?

Was it when Shakespeare wrote– ‘nothing is unless our thinking makes it so? Or probably, the time when Walt Disney dropped his secret arsenal to turn dreams into reality?

One must ponder why influential personalities around the world, from Budhha to Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu focused on cultivating a positive mindset. On the contrary, there are millions of ways to approach a prosperous, healthy, and wealthy life; still, they emphasize shaping thoughts to attract tranquillity and goodness. Why?

Did we really miss out on a magic potion? Or, we didn’t realize until now– we are the UX designers of our lives? Let’s find out!

Gist Of Law Of Attraction

Imagine the time when things were moving smoothly, as you planned. Suddenly, a doubtful thought kicks in. It only took a moment before you fell into the well of fears and insecurities. Boom! The hard-earned opportunity is gone.


Although things aren’t this dramatic in real life, still, for once, reminisce about the episode from your life when you had it all before things fell apart.

Everyone calls it the Law of attraction. You already know about it through ‘self-help’ books or the ‘Secret.’ There are abundant resources that try to define the power of our thoughts. A continuous emphasis on the ‘negative’ can usher in pessimistic feelings even in positive environments.

When we are little, people often push us down, and if we don’t learn to overcome them, the fears and insecurities stay, turning us into an adult who lacks confidence or thinks negatively. You keep attracting the same consequences when you’re not ready to adopt a positive mindset. A gravitational pull holds your beliefs and what you receive from the Universe. To turn the tables in your favor–shift your focus.

Build A Growth Mindset

Focus on how you can change the game without letting question marks fill your mind space. Filter out negative to create space for positive. Believe you are capable, and let the Law of attraction bring your dreams and actions in coherence with its magnetic force. Form a growth mindset that doesn’t stop at one achievement but propels you to move flexibly, achieve and realize your full potential. Fix your brain on learning new things to accomplish higher goals. 

holding hands

People With Good Vibes

Surround yourself with positive and successful people who strive to go the extra mile for their goals without letting doubtful thoughts loom inside their heads. Being with people with positive habits makes your neurons imitate their behavior like a mirror image. 

Action Is A Must

Take action towards your goals. Activate your brain to fill the void between dreams and goals. When you focus on one goal continuously with pure intent, your brain becomes a Magician.

4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Law Of Attraction

Of course, positive thoughts and beliefs work, but not in the absence of action. Miracles, though, affirmations are based on science. Without your efforts, it’s absurd to expect magic. In other words, cultivate habits that align with your goals. 

For example, athletes wouldn’t win Olympic gold without working out. Similarly, you need to reprogram your mind to activate the Law of attraction. Don’t let unnecessary worries fill your mind. Yes, the outcome is uncertain, so why give in to pessimistic thoughts when there’s hope for positive results?

That sums up– The Law of attraction 

But, the air around the Law of attraction isn’t clear enough. A lot of misconceptions surround the concept. So shall we begin?

Here are 4 things nobody tells you about the Law of attraction but are essential for you to reap the full benefits of the Law of attraction:

Weed Out Toxic Thoughts

Let’s do a one-minute activity. Search for ‘how to manifest’ on google. Did you get a list? What is common in all the search results? Okay, stop!

Yes, there are plenty of ways to begin your manifestation journey. But did any blog tell you how to practice manifestation in the long run?

Probably Not!

That’s the problem. You have all the techniques and tools, but if you don’t know where to start, it’s like running toward a dead end. As we know now, it’s science. So move step by step to unleash the true potential of the Law of attraction.

girl doing a meditation

Your first step is– Weed out toxic, pessimistic, negative, or limited thoughts and beliefs. So refrain from thoughts like– ‘I am not capable,’ ‘I am not good enough, ‘I will fail,’ etc. When you let these self-doubts overpower your mind, you start recognizing these as facts. So whenever such a negative thought pops up, shut it there.

Maintain Distance From Toxic Positivity

A lot of people confuse the Law with extreme positivity. Due to this, they suppress their feelings of distress. Friends, feeling stressed or sad is a normal human emotion. Putting it under control in the name of practicing positive affirmations is a Big No-NO.

You’re allowed to feel sad, angry, hurt, etc. But seeking bad for others out of envy is out of the question.

Don’t Expect Overnight Changes

The road to a positive mindset is tough, but not impossible. I know getting rid of limited and toxic thoughts doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to reprogram your mind.

Practice every day until you start thinking otherwise. Whatever you say, believe in it, as half-heartedly given out affirmations don’t work. Analyze your thought pattern and identify what influences it. Once you learn the root causes that give momentum to self-doubt or negative thoughts, you’ll be able to handle it all.

Have faith in yourself and the process. 

Few People Need To Go

I don’t want to label anyone; we are all humans. But, if someone’s behavior affects you, it’s better to distance yourself from them. When you surround yourself with people who talk behind others’ backs, make fun while ignoring the concerned person’s feelings, or constantly talk negatively about life, maybe it’s better to stay away from them. 

However, if you can help them come out of the gloomy clouds, do help them. You can gift them a pack of Affirmation Cards for adults to help them build a positive outlook on life.

Manifest Your Goals With Law Of Attraction Affirmations

The above part is sufficient to understand the core of this widely popular Law. So, here are a few tips for integrating the power of positive affirmations into your everyday life:

Visualize Your Dreams or Ideas

Visualizing your ideas is a powerful technique to bring them into reality. Picture the future you seek; the magnetic pull of the Law of attraction will fetch your dreams to the physical realm. Your vision board can be a drawing, written, or Pinterest board. Everything works as long as it inspires and motivates you.

Practice Gratitude

People consider this one a hoax. Only it’s not. When you write or think about things you are grateful for, it sets the Universe in motion to invite abundance into your life. So, the next time you hear somebody calling gratitude journals a prank, tell them it cheats on negativity.

Speak Your Dreams Loud

When you voice your dreams out loud, it activates your mind to turn those dreams into reality. So, every morning when you wake up, declare your goals to the Universe you aspire to achieve.

Watch For Signs

Have you heard about Angel numbers? It’s okay if you haven’t. Simply put, it’s a series of repetitive digits like 444, 222, or 1111. Here’s an example– suppose you wished to finalize a business deal. Things went pretty okay in the meeting, but now you’re clouded with doubts.

At that moment, you go to grab a coffee, and woah, the bill is $36.9. If you believe in angel numbers, then you must know universe powers are working in your favor. Getting the number 369 is not coincidental, instead a sign that all your hard work is paying off. Watch out the signs that your manifestation is coming.

Refrain From A Scarcity Mindset

When you desire something, it’s easy to get confined in a scarcity and lack loop. Suppose you focus on ‘I lack X’; your brain reinforces the scarcity feeling. But the moment you start believing in yourself and put trust in the process, the result will be in your goodwill.

Final Word!

The process seems like a challenge, but real change takes effort to change a life. So, believe in yourself and manifest the benefits of a positive mindset.

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