What Is The ‘O Method’ Manifestation And Does It Really Work?

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What is the “O Method” Manifestation? The “O Method” is a manifestation technique that has been gaining popularity online. It is said to be a powerful manifestation technique to attract what you want into your life, such as love, money, and success. But does this viral manifestation method really work? In this article, we will explore what the “O Method” is, how you can do it, its rationale, and if this trend can really help people achieve their goals.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked when I first heard about this “O Method” manifestation; I thought those Tiktok girls had gone too far. However, after I spent some time understanding it, I realized that this method might be worth exploring.

So let’s dive into this new trendy manifestation technique now.

What Is The “O Method” Manifestation

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The “O Method” Manifestation is also known as the “Big O” method manifestation. It went viral after the TikToker @hothighpriestess shared a video about the O method.

So what is it?

According to those TikTokers, the ‘O Method” is a manifestation technique they use to manifest their deepest desires at the moment of climax. They claimed that one should visualize and feel as if they already have what they wish for at the peak of that moment. So you know what the “O” stands for? Right, it means ‘orgasm.’

The key to attracting your desires is heightening the vibrational frequency. And the “O method” does this by naturally raising one’s energy level during the peak state of sexual excitement, which is conducive to manifestation.

How Does This “O Method” Work

Does this manifestation technique sound bizarre or interesting to you? Let’s understand how it works.

Here is the concept – if you want to manifest anything into your real world, you must be vibrationally aligned with those things. And your desires, such as a soul mate, abundance, joy, and peace, are vibrating at a higher frequency.

Hence, to match the frequencies of your desires, we need to heighten our energy level. And studies have shown many benefits of having sexual pleasure, and one of them is to brighten your mood and raise your vibration. So, the “O Method” logic seems to align with the manifestation principle. 

The “O Method” & Other Manifestation Techniques

Unlike the traditional manifestation methods, this “O Method” is a trendy way to manifest. I can’t promise it will work for you because everyone is unique. Hence, it’s important to know that his manifestation method is not for everyone. However, you shouldn’t doubt the power of manifestation if this method doesn’t work for you.

You can try other manifestation techniques; in general, the manifestation process involves visualizing, believing, feeling as if the thing has already happened, and focusing on the desired outcome with unwavering faith. 

And using this personal power alongside positive thoughts, words, affirmations, and actions to shift our realities and bring what we desire into our lives. 

If you want to give the “O Method” a try, follow the steps below.

How To Do The “O Method”

How To Do The "O Method" Manifestation

But it’s no harm to understand the steps involved in using this “O Method” for manifestation:)

To do it, you must clearly define what you want to manifest – an ideal partner, more money, a bigger house, or anything you wish for. This method can help raise your frequency, but it is not magic. You still have to do the work toward your desires.

Well, here are the steps:

Step 1: Decide what you want

This is the first and critical step you need, regardless of which manifestation method you use. Without knowing exactly what you want to manifest, it’s almost impossible to have a successful manifestation. 

Step 2: You can decide if you want to do it solo or with a partner.

Step 3: Find a time and comfortable place.

Step 4: Visualize your desires and feel as if you already have them

Step 5: Try to reach the “Big O” and hold the feeling for a few seconds after you climax.

Step 6: Let it go – let the universe do the magic. Try to keep your elevated vibrations and carry out your tasks.

Start to notice the signs that your manifestation is coming!


Hope you have a better understanding of the “O Method” manifestation now. It can be a powerful manifestation technique that helps you manifest your desires and reach your goals. 

If you believe in it, why not give it a try? Let us know in the comments below- we’d love to hear from you, or visit our other articles for more manifestation tips.

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