Winning The Lottery Success Stories (And The Law Of Attraction)

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Have you dreamed of manifesting your financial goals? Many people are drawn to the Law of Attraction because they desire financial abundance. And the law of attraction is a powerful tool many have used to make their dreams come true – sometimes even as excitingly and unexpectedly as winning the lottery!

To maximize success, it’s important to research stories from other people who’ve tapped into this universal law. With enough understanding, dedication, and faith in yourself—you too, can achieve miraculous results.

In this article, we’ll gonna share some amazing lottery manifestation stories and how you can learn from their practice to attract a considerable lump sum of money into your own life. Read now!

Lottery Manifestation Stories – 5 Lottery Winners Who Used The Law Of Attraction

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1. Maria Mayr – From Rags to Riches

Maria Mayr is a lottery winner who’s manifested a lottery win. She’s a formerly homeless woman from Germany, is living proof that the Law of Attraction works.

After losing her job and home due to medical issues, Maria lived on the streets. Despite having no money or resources, Maria strongly believed in the Law of Attraction and visualized her desired future often.

She reprogrammed her subconscious mind through her daily affirmations and creative visualization practices. Hence, she was able to attract money, leading her to win the lottery. And she manifested a lottery win for €5 million ($5.7 million).

With this newfound wealth, Maria was able to buy a new house and go back to school to get an education.

She believes anyone can manifest abundance if they stay focused on their goals and remain positive despite difficult circumstances. Maria is a true inspiration that the Law of Attraction work and it brings miracles even in the direst of situations.

2. Alex Jacob– Making His Childhood Dreams Come True

Alex Jacob was another lottery winner from New Jersey. He was determined to use his winnings from a PowerBall jackpot to pursue his childhood dreams.

After manifesting a winning lottery ticket for $5 millions USD, Alex bought land and started building an amusement park for kids with special needs and disabilities.

As the director of this project and philanthropist, Alex continues to make an impact on many children’s lives today as he follows his dreams. It’s not only a successful business, but it helps underprivileged kids.

He believes it is vital to have faith in yourself and trust that the universe will bring you what you need when you focus on your passion and purpose.

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3. Brian Cashe – From Rags To Retirement

Brian Cashe was living on disability benefits and struggling to make ends meet when he decided to play the lottery.

After manifesting a huge jackpot of $10 million, Brian could retire from his job and take care of his family for the rest of their lives.

He attributes much of his success to visualize winning which helped him focus on winnings and ultimately attract big prize into his life.

Brian now advocates for the Law of Attraction, educating others about its power in making dreams come true. His story proves that anyone can win the lottery if they believe in themselves and use effective manifestation techniques.

4. Tom Crist: A Millionaire Many Times Over

Here comes Tom Crist, another lottery winner. Tom was already a millionaire when he won the $40 millions Lotto Max jackpot in 2013.

With his newfound wealth, he decided to start giving away most of it to causes that were important to him.

The Alberta resident made headlines as one of Canada’s most prominent philanthropists, donating millions of dollars to cancer research and other charities. He was also inspired by the Law of Attraction and is living proof that having a strong belief can be powerful enough to manifest your desires into reality.

5. Sandy McKelvy: Following Her Heart

When Sandy McKelvy won the $10 million SuperLotto Plus Jackpot in 2012, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

With the money, she chose to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist and opened a gallery in her hometown of Long Beach, California.

She said her faith in the Law of Attraction led her to the win. Sandy is living proof that having faith in your own potential can be a powerful force. It allows you to manifest your most desired goals into reality despite your financial situation.

These five lottery winners are all manifestation success stories. And the inspiring examples of how believing in yourself and practicing the manifestation techniques can lead to miraculous outcomes and incredible rewards.

By vibrating positive energy and maintaining strong intentions, they were able to attract good fortune into their lives, ultimately making their wildest dreams come true!

Can You Manifest Winning the Lottery

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It is possible to manifest winning the lottery through the law of attraction. To make this work, you must have a strong belief that you will win and put in the effort to use visualization techniques to bring it into reality. You must take time to focus on your desire and visualize receiving a lottery win.

Visualize yourself buying the lottery tickets, and one of them has the winning numbers. You can’t help but share this great news with your family and best friends.

Imagine what it would feel like to know you are now financially secure. Allow yourself to take in all the positive emotions from this winning and amplify them as they arise.

However, this is a process that takes time. However, if you are serious about manifesting a lottery win, it is essential to focus on the winnings. It takes patience, dedication, and lots of positive affirmations.

It’s also important to have realistic expectations and be prepared for potential obstacles that may come up. It’s easy to become discouraged if you don’t win immediately. But if you have faith in yourself and the universe, you can achieve your desire.

Ultimately, the chances of winning the lottery are extremely low; however, it’s possible with the law of attraction manifestation. But it takes a lot of effort and discipline. Visualize yourself as already having won. Keep positive thoughts and eliminate limiting beliefs, and you can manifest your dream of winning the lottery.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Lottery Win?


It’s hard to answer this question. Manifesting a lottery win can be difficult, especially since each individual’s definition of “manifestation” may vary.

In general, the process of manifesting something—such as a lottery win—can involve visualizing your desired outcome and taking action to increase your likelihood of achieving it.

And this could include studying the lottery game, researching past winners, and having a clear plan for using your winnings.

Whether you want to buy a new car, or a new house, invest in a business, pay back debts, and so on. Most people have yet to decide what they want to use their winnings; hence they won’t feel the exact feeling of winning the lottery.

The amount of time it takes to manifest a lottery win can vary greatly depending on the individual and their circumstances. While some may find success within days or weeks, others may take months or even years before they hit that lucky jackpot.

The key to manifesting a lottery win is remaining patient and dedicated to the process while also having faith in yourself and the universe that you will eventually get what you aim for.

Additionally, creating an empowering vision of your desired outcome and believing that it can come true will help keep you motivated and on track. You can eventually manifest your lottery win with enough hard work and dedication.

You can pay some attention to the signs that your manifestation is coming. And in some instances, if you can’t manifest a lottery win, you will receive something better from the universe. Maybe more money can’t really help fulfill your dreams.


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In conclusion, winning the lottery is a life-changing event. It can bring financial security and freedom to those lucky enough to hit the jackpot. Given that lottery winner often credits their success to manifesting their big prize through the Law of Attraction, it is clear that this phenomenon exists and can be tapped into by anyone with the right mindset and attitude.

Thus, the Lottery Success Stories show us that it is possible to manifest our dreams – with a little bit of luck, some determination, and faith in our ability to attract positive outcomes.

With this knowledge, we can approach life with greater confidence and optimism, knowing that anything is possible if we put our minds to it.

So, if you are feeling down, recall those lottery winners’ inspiring stories. With its power to transform lives for the better, it’s no surprise that many now rely on this ancient wisdom to bring abundance into their lives.

By utilizing this concept and allowing it to strengthen your mindset, you can open yourself up to more possibilities and, perhaps, one day win the lottery too. Who knows? With a little luck and some hard work, anything is possible.

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